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The difference between edible gelatin and industrial gelatin

The difference between edible gelatin and industrial gelatin

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The difference between edible gelatin and industrial gelatin

Both edible gelatin and industrial gelatin are gelatin, and there is basically no difference in appearance, and ordinary consumers cannot identify it. The difference lies in the difference in raw materials and uses. The reason why gelatin is contained in foods such as yogurt and jelly is that gelatin has the physical and chemical properties of strong water absorption and high viscosity. In addition, it is a kind of fat-free high protein and does not contain cholesterol. Therefore, gelatin has become a kind of natural Nutritional food thickeners are used to increase the taste of yogurt, jelly, xiaolongbao and other foods, and also have a certain preservation effect. The gelatin added to food is called edible gelatin. Edible gelatin is a collagen protein extracted from fresh animal skins and boiled under strict safety production control. It is non-toxic and harmless. As long as it is marked on the outer packaging in accordance with national requirements, it is not illegal. The public does not need to worry about safety issues. From a nutritional point of view, the addition of edible gelatin will not affect the original nutritional value of the food.

Industrial gelatin is widely used in various products in the board, furniture, matches, packaging, papermaking and other industries, and it mainly plays the role of thickening, stabilizing, and cohesive. Because it is not used for food, the cooking process is relatively simple, and preservatives are added to it, and it is strictly forbidden to use it for food. The current common practice is to collect leather scraps, and through a series of processes, the hydrolyzed protein is removed from the leather and made into gelatin, which can effectively use the waste leather and reduce the cost. But the problem is that the waste leather contains a lot of metallic chromium, and the chromium cannot be removed during the process of dehydrolyzing protein. Therefore, the industrial gelatin tape is toxic. If it is only used in industrial production, it will not cause harm to human health.

As a kind of food thickener, gelatin is used in aspic, canned food, candy, sausage, vermicelli, instant noodles, ice cream and other food industries. One of the purposes of adding thickener to food is to increase the taste of strength, such as vermicelli. , Instant noodles, etc.; the second is to prevent the appearance of products from collapsing due to impact during transportation, such as yogurt. Many people mistakenly believe that vermicelli, vermicelli, yogurt, etc. are vegetarian. This is a misunderstanding. Because vermicelli and others add gelatin in the production process, and gelatin is boiled from animal skins, bones, tendons and other parts, so if there are products containing gelatin, it cannot be vegan, so some Vegetarians should not choose products with gelatin.

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