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Uses of edible gelatin

Uses of edible gelatin

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Uses of edible gelatin

Edible gelatin has weaker coagulation power than agar, and does not coagulate when the concentration is below 5%. Generally, a 10%-15% aqueous solution is used to produce suspected glue. The gelation temperature varies with factors such as the concentration value, the type of coexisting acid salt, and the pH of the concentration value of the aqueous solution. The melting temperature is not too far away from the condensing temperature. It melts at about 30°C and condenses at 20-25°C. The suspected gum is softer than agar gum, is quite malleable, and has a softer taste. The solution will be boiled for a long time, and its characteristics will change due to dissolution. After cooling, there will be no suspected glue. If it is heated again, it will become protein and peptone. If the pectin aqueous solution is affected by indoor formaldehyde, it becomes an irreversible glue that does not dissolve water.

According to the main purposes, pectin can be divided into four categories: photographing, taking, medicinal value and industrial production. As an emulsifier, edible gelatin is commonly used in the food industry, including jelly, food coloring, high-grade sugar, ice cream, dry vinegar, yogurt, refrigerated food, etc. In the chemical manufacturing industry, it is mainly used as raw materials for adhesives, emulsions and high-end cosmetics. Pectin is a water-absorbing colloidal solution with the properties of maintaining colloids and can be used as a thickener and demulsifier for hydrophobic colloids. Pectin is also a two-electrolyte solution, so the electrified particles can be aggregated into a mass in the solution and used as a responding agent for alcohol and alcohol.

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